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Harnessing the natural resources of California’s Central Coast, Farming First is ready to help our partners thrive. Discover how we’re bringing together quality, consistency and value for your business.

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Our fields are your fields. With rolling harvests, we can be your single source for beautiful wholesale flower all year long— at an incredible scale, consistency and value. Contact us for more.

We offer your brand our sustainably-grown cannabis – rich in essential cannabinoids and terpenes. We can be your behind-the-scenes partners from custom curing and trimming all the way to packaging and labeling. We even offer in-house brand development. Contact us for more.

Want to collaborate? Farming First is available for bespoke partnerships and special releases. Whatever your unique vision, let’s talk about how we can make it a reality together. Contact us for more.

Farming First can grow to fit your unique needs, including fresh frozen, specific strains, trim specifications and more. Let’s discuss timelines and financing for setting up your projects. Contact us for more.